abandoned places - buildings, factories, industrial objects

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Private sites of team
  HumanTreeArt.com - HumanTree - my space
  Miejsca.com - mysterious places by Chris

Friedly, co-operating sites
  Pripyat.com - offical Pripyat city site
  ST-AL.com - Still Alive by Marcello Modica from Milan
  Blok.excel.pl - Kamllitee about UrbanExploration
  Urban-Ator - great polish Urban Exploraction site
  Forgotten Pages
  Zapomniane.com - gallery of forgotten places
  Zamknięte drzwi - Ruins gallery

Other thematic sites
- polish:
  Into the Shadows :: Opuszczone miejsca
  Fallout Croner
  Pustepokoje.prv.pl - empty rooms
  Trzynasty Schron - Fallout
  Brotherhood of Beer - Fallout
  Niedomice.go.pl - site about Niedomice city
  Bunkerites from Nowa Sol
  eBorne - site about Borne Sulinowo city
  tworoginaczej.swnet.pl - site about Tworog city
  galeriafoto.up.pl - Mateusz Faba Photography

- foreign :
  UrbexForum - international urban exploration forum
  reactor4.com - Thierry's Chernobyl trip
  urbex.fr - Urbex Project
  chramy.cz - industrial and sacral cathedrals
  viktormacha.com - industrial

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